Elopements & Micro Weddings

We LOVE elopements and small celebrations of love. It is easily our favorite kind of day to capture. Gorgeous scenery, epic mountain views, and fully genuine moments, what could be better?! These special ceremonies are all about no stress or pressure, no need to put on a show. Because, it's just the two of you or your small group of closest family and friends who fully support you and your marriage. These days are based solely on love and passion in an adventurous way.

Capturing Memories

While elopements used to be known as running away, spur of the moment decisions, they're now the one of most romantic way to marry the love of your life with just the two of you, with no guest list!

Micro weddings are a smaller celebration with closest family and friends. They are usually shorter than the average wedding, with a more relaxed, natural feel.

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